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Noyyal River

Noyyal River originates in the rain forests of the Western Ghats and flows through the Districts of Coimbatore, Tirupur, and Erode and meets the Cauvery River at the Noyyal village in Karur District. It is a seasonal river with rapid flows during the monsoon periods. The Noyyal watershed is connected with a series of 32 tanks, 14 major canals, 23 Anicuts and 55 check dams. Coimbatore and its suburbs account for 14 of these lakes, interconnected with the Noyyal through Anicuts, check dams and canals. Most of these check dams and Anicuts were constructed by the Chola Kings who ruled the region, in the 9th to 12th centuries, to augment irrigation and control floods downstream.

Till the early 20th century, the Noyyal was the main drinking water source for the region. However, it fell out of favor, as other drinking water sources such as Siruvani, Pilloor and Athikadavu were tapped to supply water to the ever-increasing populace of Coimbatore. With the shift in focus, the Noyyal sadly fell into disrepute and today its ponds, lakes, canals, Anicuts, check dams and sluices are in a pathetic state with accumulation of plastic waste, construction waste, industrial effluents, domestic waste, domestic sewage, medical waste, pollutants from bleaching units and a host of industries. Today sadly the Noyyal is one of the most polluted rivers in India.


KKPA has undertaken a commendable mission to rejuvenate the Noyyal River, a lifeline for the region, by meticulously documenting a range of issues plaguing its health through extensive surveys. These findings were then presented to the government, serving as a crucial blueprint for action. As a result of these tireless efforts, the government has embarked on a substantial undertaking, renovating 32 check dams within the Noyyal basin. This initiative stands as a testament to the commitment to both soil and water conservation in the region, which is vital for the river’s revitalization.

Furthermore, KKPA has been instrumental in organizing a series of public events aimed at drawing the government’s and the public’s attention to the urgent need to save the Noyyal River from further degradation. Events such as the Rally for Noyyal, Nandri Noyyal, Thai Pongal, and Karthigai Deepam celebrations have been conducted with great enthusiasm and fervor. These events have not only provided a platform for raising awareness about the river’s plight but have also instilled a profound sense of responsibility within the community to actively participate in the efforts to safeguard the Noyyal. Through these initiatives, KKPA has been a catalyst for change, rallying support from all to protect and restore the Noyyal River for the benefit of current and future generations.

Rally for Noyyal

Rally for Noyyal, A Bike Rally Event organized by KKPA on 24th August-2017, for saving Noyyal River stood as a dynamic and impactful initiative in the ongoing efforts to preserve this vital waterway. This event brought together passionate individuals and environmental advocates on two wheels, creating a powerful visual statement of unity in the quest to protect the Noyyal River from further degradation. As participants traversed the scenic routes surrounding the river, they not only raised awareness but also underlined the urgency of the cause. This rally served as a vibrant symbol of collective responsibility, demonstrating that through collaborative action and advocacy, we could safeguard the Noyyal River for future generations.

Thai Pongal Celebrations

After Covid restrictions were revoked, the 2021 Pongal festival was celebrated with fanfare on the banks of the Noyyal River in the presence of the general public, other NGO’s, Government Officials and a host of dignitaries. This program was organized and conducted by KKPA to give thanks to Mother Nature and the River Noyyal.

Nandri Noyyal and Karthigai festival celebrations

During November 2021, a thanks giving Pooja was conducted by KKPA volunteers at the Noyyal Padithurai, and 240 different varieties of flowers were showered into the River Noyyal, in appreciation. Also, during the Karthigai festival of 2021, the Perur Padithurai was light up with 600 wick lamps as a token of gratitude to River Noyyal.