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Kovai Kulangal Padhukappu Amaippu (KKPA) has been at the forefront of dedicated efforts to preserve and protect our precious Mother Nature. Central to the organisation’s mission is the dissemination of knowledge and awareness concerning both water and environmental conservation within the region. We firmly believe that any initiative aimed at the greater good cannot thrive without the active cooperation and persistent commitment of the public.

In pursuit of fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment, KKPA has meticulously organized a wide array of events and awareness programs. These initiatives serve as poignant reminders of the absolute significance of environmental conservation, not only for the immediate well-being of the present generation but also for the legacy we leave to the children of the future.

KKPA takes special care to mark international days of environmental significance, including World Water Day, World Environment Day, World Soil Day, and World Earth Day. We celebrate these occasions by organizing competitions and programs in schools and among the general public, effectively conveying the urgent message of nature preservation.

Furthermore, KKPA has embarked on a unique endeavour by unravelling the profound significance of India’s regional festivals in the context of nature conservation. We have organized festivals such as Thai Pongal and Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrations for the public, shedding light on the harmonious relationship between our cultural traditions and the environment.

Through unwavering commitment to the cause of water, nature, and environmental conservation, KKPA strives tirelessly to propagate awareness until it evolves into a public movement. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each individual recognizes their responsibility towards safeguarding the invaluable gift that nature has bestowed upon humanity.

Vinayagar Chaturthi festival

Vinayagar Chaturthi festival involves the immersion of idols in water bodies and lakes in and around Coimbatore. Since most of these are painted Plaster of Paris idols, the water bodies are prone to get polluted. KKPA encourages the use of Eco-Friendly Ganesha statues made with clay and embedded with seeds (Navadhanayam) to reduce the effects of pollution. The seeds grow into plants or trees after the clay dissolves. This program has been repeated till date and has received immense public support and response and has created awareness. 

International Days Celebrations

KKPA has always been in the forefront in celebrating World Water Day, World Earth Day and World Environment Day. Jerry cans of sweet Noyyal river water at its source springs (TDS <50 mg/litre) were collected by volunteers and transported to Coimbatore. This water was then given to people, in six centres around Coimbatore, to drink and savour the sweet water and educate them on the need to keep our water bodies clean, and also prove that the Noyyal River was a drinking water source in years past. On World Earth Day soil adjacent to termite tunnels were collected and distributed to people to use as face patches to cure pimples, cool the body and give a smooth skin. When the Tamilnadu Government banned the use of single use plastic, KKPA volunteers distributed cloth bags in various junctions in Coimbatore, to educate the public on non-use of plastic bags. These programs by KKPA were well received by the public and appreciated by the Government.

Thai Pongal Celebrations

After Covid restrictions were revoked, the 2021 Pongal festival was celebrated with fanfare on the banks of the Noyyal River in the presence of the general public, other NGO’s, Government Officials and a host of dignitaries. This program was organized and conducted by KKPA to give thanks to Mother Nature and the River Noyyal.

Nandri Noyyal

During November 2021, a thanks giving Pooja was conducted by KKPA volunteers at the Noyyal Padithurai, and 240 different varieties of flowers were showered into the River Noyyal, in appreciation. Also, during the Karthigai festival the Perur Padithurai was light up with 600 wick lamps as a token of gratitude to River Noyyal.

Virtual Awareness Sessions

During the CoVID lock-down period KKPA embarked on Weekly Online Virtual Meetings addressed by Professional Resource persons on topics, such as Water Management & Waste Management, Water Management by our Ancestors, Covid 19, causes, precautions and treatment, Leadership Activism, Rivers in Tamilnadu, Importance of Lakes and water bodies, Bio Enzymes , Siddha Immunity measures for CoVID, Importance of Top Soil, Healthy wetlands and Resilient cities, Organic Agriculture and Remote sensing for Water Resource Management. The timings of these Meetings were advertised through social media and many people, including KKPA volunteers attended and benefitted from the same.