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Kovai Kulangal Padhukappu Amaippu

இதயத்தின் ஈரம் கொண்டு புவியின் ஈரம் காப்போம்

Importance of Volunteering

From past Man has been the primary beneficiary of Mother Nature. Until a few decades ago, Man respected Mother Nature. Technological advances from mid last Century has made Man to change the road.

Moving far from Natural practices led to heavy contamination of our water bodies, our air has become heavily polluted and our food poisoned with chemical residues which led to heavy damage to the Biodiversity.

Cities are reeling under water scarcity mainly caused by our own apathy and negligence. Even Niti Aayog has warned that several Indian cities will run out of water in the near future.We as Citizens cannot sit back and wait for the Government to solve these problems.

As humans, we have over-consumed the goodness of nature, which has led to contamination in all levels and therefore don’t you think it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to restore nature and hand over the same to the next generation?

The Way of Volunteering

There are many ways to contribute to our efforts to rejuvenate and restore water bodies.

Participating in field works:

We welcome volunteers to join with our team in fieldwork which we organize and conduct every Sunday from 7 AM to 9.30 AM. (Contact: 9566538905)

On completion of each day of fieldwork, firstly you will experience the immense satisfaction of doing something positive to restore nature.Secondly this act of volunteering brings happiness to our soul, as we are part of change makers who work for betterment of our children.

We further solicit your support in providing us with Technical support in restoration of ponds, water bodies, lakes and canals like

  • Civil engineering support in building/repairing canals, check dams etc.
  • Need assistance in removing the blockage in the canals without disturbing the structure

Anyone talented or interested to volunteer in these fields are welcome to join us and offer your guidance.

In addition to the above, we require guidance in legal matters. Do volunteer if you are interested to help to restore our Noyyal.

We have crossed 196 weeks of continuous fieldwork on different water related projects with the support of all hands.Now we also need your donations in any form and financial support, to continue our restoration work for the future of all lives in the city.

Volunteer with us